Log in to Metamask and make sure you have selected the Pulsechain network

Amount to swap:

pXEN/HeXen ratio – 100:1

HeXen contract:

When you interact with the smart contract, 50% of the sent pXEN is automatically transferred to the “pulsechain sacrifice address”: 0x9Cd83BE15a79646A3D22B81fc8dDf7B7240a62cB on the PLS network.

The remaining 49,8% is transferred to the “BAG” – 0x57a09C75d212f93b27999E80D2DFFAEFb1Ef6180
As a reward, you receive the corresponding amount of HeXen tokens.
The “BAG” is emptied every Sunday – accumulated pXEN is exchanged for PLS.
The received PLS is used to buy back HeXen tokens from the market and is also sent to the pulsechain sacrifice address: 0x9Cd83BE15a79646A3D22B81fc8dDf7B7240a62cB on the PLS network.
The remaining 0.2% goes to the smart contract creator’s address – 0x16CD653395F4A624f0CeE59014fc08Bb0867522D
The funds accumulated in this address will be used for expenses related to domain maintenance, hosting, website development, liquidity support… and maybe even the purchase of a decent watch 🙂

I want to emphasize that my main goal is to build the largest pXEN portfolio owned by Richard Heart. This goes against Jack’s idea a bit, but let the community decide. If the experiment is successful, the smart contract will be deployed on the Ethereum network. All transactions can be tracked on the PulseChain network explorer.